Workshop & assembly services: our range

Machinery & equipment installation in Poznań

A part of our Poznań establishment is a full-featured Workshop. This site does professional preparatory work, prefabrication and assembly:

  • Prefabrication of carbon and austenitic steel structures
  • Prefabrication of carbon and austenitic steel tanks
  • Prefabrication of processing installation pipelines of carbon and austenitic steel grades
  • Prefabrication of structural components for machinery

Our Workshops include:

  • Heavy Structures Workshop, complete with lifting equipment
  • Lightweight Structures Workshop
  • Production Preparation, a department which operates sheet cutters, band saws, bending brakes, rolling mills, turning lathes and milling machines.

We can build and deliver installations to the highest quality standards (100% X-rayed welds, and passivated and flush-cleaned hydraulic pipelines).
Our reliable contractors help us deliver end-to-end orders, including all assembly, civil engineering, electrical engineering and shipping organisation work. Our assembly & sale services will meet the most stringent custom demands.